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Thursday, April 16, 2009♥

You know how people always tell you how great parents can be and that no matter how you hurt them, they will always be the ones who'll be there for you. I was thinking that ain't children like that as well? Let's fast forward the time a little. When our parents become dependent, aren't we gonna take care of them, regardless of how much they haven't been in your life and how much they've hurt you? Bt least for now thats what i think. Why does life have to be ironic all the time? The one who didn't want you in the first place ends up being the one there for you all your life. Perhaps I'd rather not to have there messengers between us. Then I'd know if you genuinely care. Cos if you do, you will make the effort to ask me how I'm doing on your own. It beats hearing "he asked about you. And i asked him why can't he call you and ask you himself." why do you feel more and more like stranger to me?

♥ 2:57 AM

Wednesday, July 09, 2008♥


I have shifted to wordpress. Ditching blogger for good. Say hi over there :)

♥ 4:33 PM

Friday, June 20, 2008♥


I got dragged, pretty much literally, out of bed by CS at 10am to have breakfast with him and Timo. Mr Josh Goh Chang Sheng, you watch it. I will take a revenge sometime.

This is what happens when you have a friend staying a block away. When he couldn't get you up over the phone, he comes and press the doorbell and have me greet him in my pj with some vulgarities. 6 hours of sleep and waking up at 10 is definitely not my idea of a school holiday.

So I ended up at 163 with CS and Timo over Koka noodles and random shopping at BPP where I picked up a white Naf Naf winter jacket from Song Brothers at 20 dollars. Original price on the price tag: 59.90 Euros. I swear the orginal price was one of the motivating factor to get it.

Came back and washed the heavy jacket, plus some other winter wear Ah Ma got for me from China some time back, cos the sun was good. Hand washed them cos I didn't want the white to turn pink from a fake red Adidas jacket. Freaking tiring, cos the jackets were sooo heavy.

Super housewifey, I cannot take it. Plus the 4 dish 1 soup dinner I whipped up last evening for Padro and Chan, and supermarket shopping, washing up etc.

I secretly hope the NTUC at BPP will not refill their Philadelphia cheese by today and I will forget to drop by the Cold Storage at Railway Mall so that I wouldn't have to start roaming in the kitchen to bake the cheesecake. HAHA. Freaking lazy, I know. How can anyone be so lazy while slacking her holidays away?

I slept at 4 this morning not for Tila Tequila (unlike the past 2 nights), but to finish up Marley & Me. I was sobbing like a cow during the last few chapters, which surprised myself cos I am not that much of a dog lover (but enough to pick up a novel on dogs) and its so weird to cry reading a book as opposed to watching a movie. My ideal family in future is exactly what the author has. Kids and dogs in a cosy little house. It made me excited about having a family like his, yet fearful about the kind of pain he went through to see Marley retire and go after having him around for 13 years.

Ahh... So emotional.

Gotta get my ass moving to wash up and head to Sim Lim to get that damned desktop fixed, again!

♥ 12:57 PM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008♥

Summer, 22, Love, etc.

Its 4.30am on a Tuesday morning and here I am attempting to update whoever's reading about my awesome summer holidays thus far. I won myself another week of bumming after getting myself busy going out through the delay of the student's arrival at Amsen. Awesome lah! Last week was heavily occupied with going out, meeting friends, eating, and rushing to do everything I want to do thinking that I have to "work" (kinda) this week. Then I have this week to rest and relax and take things slow. Nice.

So where should I start?

Summer holidays and the last of proper school for the rest of the year started on 6 June 12 noon after a disastrous AMA paper (which turned out not too bad in the end. pat on the back for punctuality and class part). Met Dicky for lunch and some liberation shopping. I swear I haven't been shopping in town for a long time prior to that. Went home, sleep, met Chan for dinner, supposedly go Walas for EIC but couldn't get in. Damn suay. Then lost money in Poker. It was quite a bad day overall. Not a very nice way to start the holidays actually.

Went shopping a lot over the weekends with Chan, for my present. Heh. Town was crazily packed. Watched sex and the city with Serene on Saturday. Awesome show, we loved it. Started thinking of our year end times square countdown and makes me wanna go to New York RIGHT NOW! But well, the ladies in the movie strut down New York city in their 500 bucks labeled killer heels while I guess I will only be strutting down the same streets in my 30 dollars Charles and Keith which gives me awful blisters. I think all girls should catch SATC with their girlfriends. The friendship was superb. Leave the boyfriend at home please. Headed to Ian's place for some pizza, chit chat and laughter till the wee hours. And oh! Serene the sweeters bought me M&M mints cos she thought of me when she saw them. /rain to the max

thats us waiting for Jason at the bus stop

I can't remember what happened on Sunday so nvm.

Went shopping again with Chan on Monday to continue shopping for my present. Love the peace in town on Monday man. Met Yin for dinner for my birthday treat! :) As usual, love the chit chatting sessions with her. Thanks for dinner, dar!

Met Penny for K lunch on Tuesday. Has been a loong time since I hang out with her, and also go KTV. Another birthday treat. :) Thanks Penny! Can't wait for Fang and Wen to be back and hang out again.

Went to reformat my IBM, went to gym to Zhicheng, played mahjong with Zhicheng, Dicks and Huijie. Pretty random combination cos we were desperate for players. HJ and I won enough for supper. That $6 was like the only time I won money since holidays started. Pretty down on luck. Maybe I should stop for a while.

Had supper with HJ and chatted quite a bit, the way I liked it. Sent him back and got lost in Yishun. -_- Before I dropped him, he told me "you go straight and turn then you can hit BKE alr" I didn't ask him if its left or right so I apparently chose the wrong one (see I told you I've been down on gambling luck. Can't even get a 50-50 chance). I'm not announcing where I ended up at cos its damn embarrassing.

Met HJ, Nah, Ivan, Steph and Zheguang on wed for my long-time craving Ting Yuan mala steamboat. Was kinda a bday celebration for Nah and myself so I got another treat. After the buffet, we went opposite for Ah Chew Dessert and headed to vivo city Kim Gary to kill time and ended up eating again. We seriously do nothing but eat whenever we hang out so we decided to have a break through and started planning a cycling outing this week. I seriously hope it works out well. Its so going to be a historical moment for us. Haha.

our family-portrait-like group photo at Ah Chew

Mambo was called off so I activated Chan and we went Walas for Timmy Band and 1-for-1 draft beer plus private time.

Finally went to pay for my New York air tickets on Thursday. We got it in time before fuel surcharge increased (my own speculation lah). So its all confirmed. I am leaving on 11 August 6am on Northwest Airlines. I am not expecting anyone to send me off cos the flight is at frigging 6am in the morning. But if I see you, you are confirm my true friend! Hahaha!

Went gym again cos have been/will be buffet-ing too much. Hehe. As promised, Dicky brought Serene and I to The Line. :) /rain for Dicky too! Good food, good company, what more can you ask for?

Friday (the 13th) was reserved by the boyfriend for my birthday. Ask why he is not celebrating with me on my actual day? Cos he is working! :( But nvm, I had an awesome day without him too! (spiteful, haha)

Went for spa in the late afternoon and claimed our complimentary facial session. I swear my skin feels different after the facial. Not positively different but negatively different. Sad.

Dinner was at Absolute Haven. Cool place for a date. Nice ambiance, excellent service, good food. I am pretty particular about service and the people at Absolute Haven really blew me away. Chan and the owner, Phyllis, planned a lil surprise cake thingy and I was really pretty surprised when she served the thing cos their cue was really smooth. Phyllis actually wrote me a birthday card which seriously impressed me. She was so attentive and helpful and humble.

Us and the yummy Tiramisu cake with personalized words

The birthday card from Phyllis.

Headed to Klee for the 3rd thing on the itinery he planned for the day. The people there were friendly despite being busy and all. Friendly as in the genuinely make friends with you and write you his email to add on Facebook kind of friendly. Made me complimentary strawberry champagne, birthday kiss on the hand, small talks and stuff.
Check out the pretty thing behind us

On Saturday, I was supposed to meet Serene at Botanics for lunch but I walked into Halia to find Becks, Dicky, Zhicheng and Jason sitting in a table of 6. "OH MY" was the first 2 words which came to mind and before I knew it, it was traveling at 330kph across the entire restaurant. I was perspiring like mad after a long walk into that place, filling her in about my celebration with Chan at the same time. It was such a humid day. Perspiration and adrenalin rush, took me awhile to cool down. Damn touched can! Thanks guyssssssss! Love you guys deep deep lah.

raining hearts plus lots of sweaty hugs and kisses for everyone!

After that they won my money in mahjong. Thanks leh. Hah

Met Chanchos for dinner at Galbait and I swear the people at Galbait piss me off more each time I go there. Their apple pie doesn't taste that good anymore and I think I am going to drift myself away from that place slowly, but surely. Was great meeting Chanchos nonetheless, just that I was a bit sian with myself for having to rush off after dinner cos we hardly spend time together. Then I started regretting changing my dinner with my family in order to meet them cos if I insisted on meeting on Sunday, I confirm can spend more quality with them. In the end, everything is still at the expense of myself. Oh well, there's always a next time. And thanks guys for the great company and our house-jokes.

Cheers to the friendship with people who mean the world to me! And of course, Fang, you are constantly being missed. I just realised that we only have about less than 3 weeks together before I leave. Time is soooo precious.

Chilled out with some drinks at Breeze with the Asoc loves at night and doing what we do best. Talk, drink, cam whore, jack, plan Bs etc.

Dragged myself out of bed on Sunday morning for Sentosa. Damn shagged but the small party of 5 was pretty decent. 10 mins of Frisbee and I felt like dying so I took the luxury of lying under the umbrella and read my book. Thanks guys, for the mini celebration. The rest, you don't know what you were missing out!

Hot bods at Cafe Del Mar

Sent the boys back and ended the long week with a simple dinner with Mum, Ah Gong and Ah Ma.

Had a 13 hours uninterrupted sleep and greeted Monday with a late lunch, fiddling around young cousins and another mahjong session.

I swear this is how life should be.

I must say this is a superb way to start the holidays and turn 22. I feel so much love from everyone who mean something to me. I was a little disappointed when I knew that Dad wouldn't be in town for dinner over the weekends but I guess I am not that hard to pacify cos I was so thrilled by just a simple SMS from him.

I guess changes in life helps you filter out people in your life and keep the ones who are important to you. Over the past year, I have been doing more and more of the "keep the closer ones closer" and started throwing diplomacy out of the window. In simple words, don't force it. I know who are the friends who are important to me and I hope that important ones know that too.

Thanks for all the SMSes, calls, emails, facebook wall posts, hugs, kisses and love from everyone! Gosh, I am 22 already! Time waits for no (wo)man.

Its almost 7 now! I think I just heard my neighbour's alarm. Time to hit the sack.

PS: All photos are on Facebook

♥ 4:31 AM

Thursday, May 29, 2008♥

The week I am SO NOT looking towards Friday

In a blink of an eye, its THURSDAY already! OMG. From feeling excited about the end of exams at the beginning of the week, the mood has evolved to "oh shit, its coming real fast." Audit is so blah boring and that's why I'm here for a little escapade.

Planning for the upcoming trip with Chan is #$%^&*. But if I may quote him, "it's a good kind of trouble". Because of leave issues, he is not visiting me in Canada anymore. Means no more Niagara Falls, Quebec City road trip etc. So he proposed a trip in July (the only time he can take leave) to make up for it (and to spend that budget he set aside for Canada)

So… the planning began by laying out 3 options: Taiwan, Japan or Australia. And boy, the evolution in deciding on our destination is too fast and furious to be true. You will see why.

First, I ruled out Australia 'cos I don't really want to experience winter before I go experience the -30 degrees Celsius kind of winter. Enough said, no Australia.

Then, he started researching on Taiwan and was DAMN keen to go Taipei. Night markets, street food etc. No need for more explanation. He did such an intensive research that he has kind of decided which hotel to stay and which airline to take etc. already. In the midst of it, I suggested Hong Kong but he ruled it out 'cos "he is not that interested in Hong Kong". This is an important statement, you will see why later.

At the same time, itchy butt me went to visit the travel agency at BPP and picked up a Japan + Shanghai deal. Awesome price. And got me damn excited about going to Japan for the first time and being able to visit Yenfang to make up for the failed Chancho trip. But he turned it down hastily which kinda pissed me off. But nvm. After a while, he relented and agreed to open up for options again.

So we made a trip down to Chinatown to check out the various big travel agencies. Wow, information overload. Our list started to include Jeju Island + Shanghai, full power packed Tokyo with Disneyland and Universal Studios, Hokkaido to see lavender and sunflower in bloom, other budget Japan + Shanghai etc etc. Of course along the way, we mentioned crazy plans like Maldives and boring ones like Thailand. And I kena scolded when I suggested Batam. Haha.

When we first saw Jeju Island + Shanghai, we were pretty interested. No one has been to Jeju before so we can be the pioneers. Sort of lah huh. Plus can go Shanghai to visit Fang. Reasonable price. Until we found out that we need visas cos we are travelling after 1 July, got a bit sian. And started feeling a little apprehensive about Jeju cos of various reasons.

Full packed Tokyo and Hokkaido was too pricey. If we go then can't spend much. Feel a bit handicapped and Singapore Pools did not offer us the 10,000 on Wednesday evening, so OUT. Although he was damn interested in Hokkaido while I was half hoping for Tokyo. Next time maybe, exchange budget takes precedence.

Then, out of the blue, we started looking at the option of Hong Kong + Taiwan 'cos we have enough budget and time. So him being him, he started his intensive research. Then suddenly, somehow, I don't know how, he got damn excited over Hong Kong and started to rule out Taiwan. @#$%^&*())_ What happened to the "not that interested in Hong Kong"? I have no idea, seriously. From Shih Lin and Ximending, he started telling me about Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Tei and Disneyland.

Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if tmr he comes and tell me that he wants to go Africa and feed lions and cheetahs.

But he is happy cos he has a lot of options. I am happy too cos I suddenly get an extra trip, majority paid for. (:

Oh well, we'll see how.

♥ 3:36 PM


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